89% of companies today have a digital transformation strategy ... But 70% of transformations do not achieve the company's goals due to lack of intelligent cognitive capabilities

Inadequate Implementation

Most digital solutions aren't tailored to customer's unique business landscape.

Failing Functionalities

Technologies with confusing interfaces aren't used effectively by workforce operators.

Stymied Scalability

Only one out of five organizations have been able to sustain digital transformations and their outcomes over the long term.

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UST SmartOps™, an AI powered intelligent automation platform that...


UST SmartOps™ examines your operations to uncover key insights and learns how to replicate and improve actions.


UST SmartOps™ autonomously performs process flows and generates reports that help identify growth opportunities.


UST SmartOps™ works to improve your business outcomes by continously learning and adapting to new information.

Much more than digitization.

UST SmartOps™ evolves to meet the emerging needs of your organization and continuously monitors and optimizes your outcomes. The platform elicits mathematical or structural patterns to identify correlations from observed events and other data streams. These patterns are used to understand fault paths and preempt critical failures with varying degrees of probability.

UST SmartOps™ Disrupts Operations Across
Verticals and Functions


Reduce manual efforts associated with claims and invoice administration, while increasing industry compliance.

Financial Services

Manage risk and enhance customer experience by monitoring and improving how customers interact with digital front-ends.


Automate high volume, high impact processes to streamline operations, reduce costs and get to market faster.

IT Operations

Reduce 30 - 40% of cost by maximizing operational resource utilization.

Human Resource

Boost employee connectivity through a hyper personalized digital concierge.

UST SmartOps™ - Easy to Start and Generate Quick Results

Easy to implement across three vectors.

Time. Smart Start

We will offer you a blueprint and demonstrate real savings in 12 weeks.

Investment. Pay Forward Commercial Model

You never pay us more than what you save.
The system is designed to generate payback early, reducing net in-year investment to zero.

Technology. Fully On Premise & WebScale ready

We are fully on premise ready with fully containerized and infinitely scalable deployment model.

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