Sales & Service Insights, Reimagined

Enable your sales and service teams with AI-powered insights

Get Insights Fast

UST SmartSense™ combines AI and automation for audio transcription with intelligent context and sentiment analysis that substantially reduces the time to generate insights for managers.

Intelligently Understand Conversations

Capture quickly and accurately what is spoken after which is then summarized based on contextual categorization or tagging

Capture Sentiment and Intent

Detect conversation sentiment whether positive or negative to surface opportunities for your sales and address customer concerns by your support teams

Tag Conversations

Contextualize conversations, summarize and identify patterns

Integrate with Enterprise Systems

Connect with your existing enterprise systems to recommend next steps in the sales or support cycle. Great way to capture pipeline progression and customer opportunities for upselling.


Increase in Revenue from Upsells


Amount of daily conversations UST SmartSense™ can analyze

Reimagine how your sales queues sell in real-time

See how the right AI platform augments the sales skills of your most talented employees

How Your Business Can Automate Speech-to-Text

Artificial intelligence is constantly transforming how large enterprises now do business. Our whitepaper highlights real examples of how AI is benefitting sales and customer service organizations.

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