Are manual processes slowing down claims processing?

UST SmartOps™ helps healthcare companies automate the claims processing workflows from end-to-end.

How UST SmartOps Optimizes Claims Processing

Our platform features compress manual processes, reduce the ID and benefit plan data verification and associated repetitive tasks while shortening the turnaround time for claims processing.

Document Understanding and Data Extraction

Automatically extract the necessary data from claims documents, reconcile with medical records, and route to your back-end health systems.

Interpreting and Tagging Medical Notes

NLU analyzes doctors’ notes to determine the root cause of claims and further classifies whether the cause might be self-inflicted or criminal.

Predictive Analytics and Risk Assessment

Predictive models are built for claims’ outcome in order for auditors to find discrepancies.


Savings in audit worksheet preparation


Savings in claims auditing effort

Refocus Your Business on What Matters

See how UST SmartOps can streamline your Insurance Operations and other business operations so you can devote more time to growing your business.

How Your Business Can Automate

Artificial intelligence is proving to be a vital technology transforming how industries now do business. Our whitepaper shows you real examples of how AI is benefitting the insurance industry.

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