Are you thinking the FNOL process is unnecessarily complicated?

From request to claim closure the First Notice of Loss (FNOL) process is filled with opportunities for mistakes. If you could automate parts of the entire process from end-to-end, where would you start?

Intelligent Automation to the Rescue

Leveraging a library filled with AI capabilities, our document digitization, natural language understanding, and RPA enables insurers to accurately process IDs, municipal accident reports, and regulations. UST SmartOps™ works seamlessly across business and IT Operations.

Help Is on the Way

Once an accident happens, UST SmartOps triggers a text and call to first responders and roadside assistance to save your day.

Find What’s Critical

The platform organizes all emails between the customer and the insurer, easily extracts documentation and key facts, and builds the accident report.

Technology-enabled Forensics

Data feeds from the diagnostic tools flow into UST SmartOps and augment the accident report with details of what physically happened with the car’s sensors.

Integrated with Reporting

The car’s sensor data is passed to the on-board diagnostic tools.

All Documentation in One Place

The sources of data derived from the various inputs are collated across system applications and analyzed by UST SmartOps.

Fully Automated Claims Management

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