Spending Too Much Time Collating Disparate Sources of Data?

UST SmartVision transforms disparate data into valuable knowledge using a combination of Computer Vision, AI and ML techniques.

The Solution

The platform mines structured and unstructured data formats, replicating the care and attention of a human while operating consistently all day long. The result? Increasing human productivity tenfold.


The platform examines the various formats and types of documents and learns how to extract key information. Essentially with zero training, UST SmartVision quickly recognizes and classifies documents ready to process.


Integrates multiple data sources and autonomously performs digitization process flows between systems such as ERP, HRIS, CRM.


Improves your business outcomes by continuously adapting to new information through machine learning models. It truly is smart and gets smarter over time.

Process Faster, Operate Smarter, and Drive Higher Impact

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