Customer Onboarding is Costly

Property and Casualty insurers face mounting pressures to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency, while trying to enhance the customer experience. A seamless customer experience is more often a key differentiator.

Intelligent Automation to the Rescue

Leveraging AI capabilities, UST SmartOps™ customer onboarding enables insurance organizations to transform the tedious and costly onboarding process into an enhanced customer experience. Confronted by a complicated, time-consuming process, customers will choose to go elsewhere that serves them faster.

Speed Up the Sign Up

Long detailed forms and verification of documents open up the risk for error. Our automated process allows you to collect and verify data in real-time.

Auto-Populate Information throughout the Onboarding Process

Extract, verify and auto-populate data fields across the onboarding process to send a quote to applicants within minutes.

Expand your Service Options through Integrations

Connect multiple channels and self-service for customer engagement to maximize speed and efficiency.

Reporting & Optimization

Control the entire reporting process with insights on both the customer and the insurer. Identify customer satisfaction issues before they become a problem for your business.


Savings Per Converted Lead

Refocus Your Business on What Matters

See how UST SmartOps can streamline your Insurance Operations and other business operations so you can devote more time to growing your business.

How Your Business Can Automate

Artificial intelligence is proving to be a vital technology transforming how industries now do business. Our whitepaper shows you real examples of how AI is benefitting the insurance industry.

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