Is your team up to its neck in invoices?

Imagine thousands of invoices coming in every day. Are you always in a pinch at month's end? What is your plan to enable your team to process those faster?

Work Smarter

Document information extraction is a highly manual task that consumes time and comes with human error, especially when processing millions of transactions. UST SmartOps™ saves you time and money by going paperless with quick, automated data capture, delivering data the way you want it.

ERP and backend system integration

For a large US firm handling more than 300K invoices annually, UST SmartOps reduced the time to process each invoice through automated data extraction and workflow integration with the ERP.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) classified emails by those with invoice attachments.

Data extraction with no more worries

Template agnostic extraction no matter what template or format from suppliers. See immediate operational efficiency and ROI.

  • Computer Vision and Big Data predictive capabilities require zero training on data.

Autonomously Update Vendor Account Records

Easily reads documents or integrates EDI feeds

  • Computer Vision extracted the relevant fields from the invoice.

AI-powered FAQ to resolve manager queries

24 hour chat bot handling everyday questions

  • Intelligent chat bot uses NLU to interpret and respond in a relevant way to the manager’s specific requests.

Ecosystem supports human in the loop

UST Global’s finance team processes a huge volume of payments every day. UST SmartOps™ reduces the time to reconcile financial records by an automated workflow integration with the ERP. AP clerks are engaged on critical reviews and UST SmartOps continuously learns from their inputs.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots passed the extracted data to the client’s ERP systems for payment to the vendors.

Invoice Processing in Action

UST SmartOps is an Intelligent Process Automation Platform that learns and streamlines your invoice processing.

80% less processing time

See how a healthcare analytics reduced invoice processing time down to 2 minutes per invoice

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