Are you overloaded with unprocessed small business PPP or loan forgiveness applications?

The surge in applications from small businesses under The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) requires banks to scale their existing systems and streamline application processing. UST SmartOps™ - Smart PPP Lending and Forgiveness solution bridges this gap by helping banks to better serve their customers at the rapid pace of need.

A Turnkey Solution to Speed Up Loan Processing

UST SmartOps - Smart PPP Lending and Forgiveness solution cuts down on application processing time to free up more time to better serve your customers.

Digitized Workflow

The platform offers advanced wizard type UI spans both borrower & lender workflows enabling data prefill & screening capability to accelerate the PPP loan approval & forgiveness.

Rules Engine

Our solution validates available applicant credentials against the SBA rules as well as monitors for duplicate or fraudulent applications.

Plug & Play Integration

The platform easily integrates with the SBA and Core Banking Systems enabling access to data sources required to validate the applicant’s eligibility for either loan approval or forgiveness.

Automated Data Extraction

UST SmartOps extracts data from both structured and semi-structured documents using OCR.

Fraud Detection

The platform verifies the borrower’s EIN/SSN against third party sources, checks for business existence, and identifies requests from the same borrower. It also marks the discrepancies for those that file for loan forgiveness.


Reduction in loan processing time


Reduction in Application e-filing effort

How Your Business Can Automate

Artificial intelligence is proving to be a vital technology transforming how industries now do business. Our whitepaper shows you real examples of how AI is benefitting industries such as insurance, banking and customer onboarding.

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