Case Studies

Industry and Functional Use Cases


92% savings in claims and audit effort

Financial Operations

80% reduction in processing time


60% reduction in processing effort

Supply Chain

80% in supply chain operational cost

Financial Services

72% reduction in onboarding time

IT Operations

30-40% reduction in IT costs


What's next? Embracing the digital transformation journey.

How Your Business Can Automate

Artificial intelligence is here to stay – it is a vital technology transforming how industries now do business.

UST SmartOps Analyst Report

Addressing both IT and business automation challenges, UST is growing its digital transformation credentials.

Cracking the Code: Part 1

Your Essential Guide to AI Capabilities in Business

Cracking the Code: Part 2

How to Maximize the ROI of Your AI Investments


Learn how to intelligently automate IT operations.

Competitive Advantage with Intelligent Process Automation
COVID-19: Roadmap For Intelligent Automation
Reimagining IT Operations with Cognitive Computing
Navigating the Path to Finance Automation

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