Put the Power of AI behind your Retail Operations

Empower your people to focus on the opportunities with the highest business impact that will drive operational efficiency and profitability further by intelligently digitizing and compressing manual workflows across your entire retail operations.

Making Intelligent Automation Work for Retail Operations

UST SmartOps™ combines AI and cognitive automation to streamline retail operations, resulting in improved efficiency, new revenue streams and reduced costs.

Follow Your Inventory around the Globe

UST SmartOps examines your everyday retail operations and learns which processes to improve whether it is forecasting, stocking, ordering, shipment tracking, accounting, or dashboard reporting.

Multiply Your Mental Horsepower

UST SmartOps can automatically trigger pricing changes based on consumer behavior and demand, recommend product placement based on store flow, analyze shopping basket complements, and when to run promotions.

Procure-to-Pay Lifecycle and Vendor Management

Seamlessly integrate all aspects of the procurement process across your ERP, vendor EDI feeds, order management systems, and all other financial applications. Now you can onboard vendors, view orders, auto-ingest invoices whether digitally in email or scanned images, track price fluctuations, and autonomously pay vendors.

Auto-Resolve Tickets and Smart Chat Bots

Bring ease to your IT teams, customers, and employees with an intelligent helpdesk that understands tickets and queries and can autonomously handle resolutions quickly and accurately. Reallocate your top talent to be the human-in-the-loop to handle more complicated exceptions.

Consumer Insights Flowing at the Fingers

Deeply understand the marketing activities that drive your consumers to buy, come back, and be loyal. From a sales perspective, get visibility to the customer journey and what engagements have the most impact as well as recommendations on what to do next.

Don’t Waste Time on Manual Processes

See how the right AI platform can turn into your most valuable employee

How Your Business Can Automate

Artificial intelligence is proving to be a vital technology transforming how industries now do business. Our whitepaper shows you real examples of how AI is benefitting retail and customer service.

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