Streamline Your Business Processes to Focus on What Matters

UST SmartOps™ is an AI-powered Cognitive Automation Platform that holistically learns and reimagines your business processes while intelligently digitizing and compressing manual workflows. This empowers your people to focus on the opportunities with the highest business impact.

Our technology works seamlessly across business and IT Operations including: helpdesks and onboarding tools whether to serve customers or employees, procurement and supply chain management from tracking shipments to invoice payment, document understanding for contracts, compliance, or reading sales manager notes. The largest companies in the world partner with UST to support even niche industry processes like personal, casualty, and FNOL claims for insurance, benefit plans for healthcare, or PPP lending and forgiveness stipulations for banks.

An Intelligent Process Automation Platform that Learns, Acts and Optimizes

UST SmartOps intelligently automates processes to streamline business operations, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced costs, and revenue growth.

Step 1: Learn

Examine your everyday operations and learn which processes to improve. UST SmartOps is always learning.

Step 2: Act

Autonomously integrate and process flows between systems and generate reports for real-time visibility for workflows in progress.

Step 3: Optimize

Improve your business outcomes by continuously adapting to new information and inputs. UST SmartOps gets smarter with every new data point.

Don’t Waste Time on Manual Processes

See how the right AI platform can turn into your most valuable employee

80% less processing time

See how a healthcare analytics reduced invoice processing time down to 2 minutes per invoice

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