Streamline your Supply Chain Operations

Our AI-powered Cognitive Automation Platform holistically learns and reimagines your business processes, empowering your people to focus on the opportunities with the highest business impact across your supply chain.

How UST SmartOps™ Improves Supply Chain Operations

UST SmartOps intelligently automates supply chain processes, resulting in improved efficiency, real-time tracking, and reduced costs in a 3 step process.

Seamless integration between you and vendors

Easily onboard suppliers to autonomously route their contact and payment information to your ERP while at the same time connecting to their digital feeds. In a short time, UST SmartOps will recognize invoices and line items and then trigger related workflows. Dashboards provide relationship insights with your vendors, for example, on discount terms or price fluctuation trends.

Supply and Demand Forecasting, Stocking, Ordering, Returns

Add a whole new level of intelligence and monitoring to your entire supply chain by seeing where shipments are at any given time, bottlenecks, and then impact on delivery. Leverage cutting-edge AI capabilities to forecast for seasonality and anomalous events. Based on your operating rules, UST SmartOps will autonomously trigger workflows like ordering more when stock is low or when a local warehouse is out of stock, auto-contact the next warehouse with available stock.

Procure-to-Pay Lifecycle and Refunds

Seamlessly integrate all aspects of the procurement process across your ERP, vendor EDI feeds, order management systems, and all other financial applications. Now you can view orders, digitize invoices from emails or scanned images, autonomously pay vendors, receive discounts, and fulfill refunds.


Speed in Data Processing


Savings in Supply Chain Operational Cost

Refocus Your Business on What Matters

See how UST SmartOps can streamline your supply chain and other business operations so you can devote more time to growing your business.

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